[bf] this is a lifestyle choice

maladjusted and clever

the greatest smiths fan ever

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friends only.
[bf] this is a lifestyle choice

if you've got an impulse, let it out.

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I've added you and I hope you add me.

go on then. but only cause i like your icon.

New account +ed :). Hoping you +me back too :D!

Hey, I seem to have missed your account change amongst all the exams and stuff (I'm doing a massive flist check now), so adding this account and I hope you add me back because I love you and your journal!

:) of course of course, super awesome deadly!

you love MES. so, i think i love *you* already haha. add me? : )

I fall with worship at the feet of all Mark E Smith fans... especially the ones with Bob Dylan icons, so definitely! I'm Ciara.

same here! i'm Daria. pleased to hmm... read you

Hi, you don't know me, I just added you by mistake (meant to click on Ciara's icon above yours!) and un-added (that's not the right word..) you. Uhm in case you were wondering. Sorry!

*wanders off*



Can I come in please?


nyaw, always and of course.

oh girl, i found you through "postalpop" and i'd like to be your friend. add me back?
(i am a girl from cold cold europe, and you seemed to be interesting! and you read the catcher in the rye!) ♥

I honestly wish I lived in cold cold europe but instead I got mild and rainy. And of course, adding you back now, any fan of Holden and what not.

Hello there...I was reading tweegrrlshare & postalpop and I saw your posts in both places. I get bored and click people's profiles when they look interesting, and noticed we share a lot of interests...I wondered if we could be friends?

Well the icon certainly worked in your favour! Of course, adding you now. I'm Ciara

Hello! I saw your work at laceandflora (I commented, remember? =] ) and I see you like Pushing Daisies too! Wanna be friends?

Plus, I love your Where the Wild Things Are graphic. That movie looks amazing; I love the book.


Absolutely, I remember your icon ;) I've added you, I can't deny a PD fan or a Where the Wild Things Are fan either, so both in one.. heh.

Hey there. I added you a while ago but never thought to comment! Hi! I saw your posts and birls and that you were a Kate fan. Can we be friends?

of course! sorry i never notice when people add me ;) adding you now though!

it's criminal that we aren't already friends judging by your interests, add me?

oh, chanel icon is welcoming! and yes, of course! i warn you though, i'm on a star trek binge so excuse my inner now becoming outer geek! oh, and i'm ciara ;)

I found you via the lovely sullen_hearts, & after reading your profile I think we have quite a few things in common and would get along. My profile is rather sparse, but, add me? ♥

so sorry, i literally just came upon this now, i'd love to add you. im ciara.

Hello there. I came across your profile and noticed that we had a lot in common, not to mention you also sound like a very interesting person.
Would you mind it at all if I added you? :)

we really do have a lot in common! And how could I say no to you with Johnny Marr peering out at me from your icon? I'm Ciara ;)

It's not often that I have so many mutual interests with someone. Hehe. I'm Dezzi, pleased to "meet" you, darling. :)

I've seen your Dianas in the lomography community and I really like! I've got the Diana Mini. I've also read your profile and I think we have a lot in common. Can I read you? I've added you, but I'm new here and my journal is really boring...

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